Consumer Portal

Our PCI Compliant, Consumer Portal empowers your organization to allow clients to login, view their invoice, and pay their bill. You can attach this portal to your website a link that we provide. Your organization can control what the consumer sees by automatically or manually uploading an invoice file into our system. We can also work with APIs/Web Services. The Consumer Portal is the perfect solution for all of your online payment needs.

Virtual Terminal

Need something that will accelerate your receivables? Our Virtual Terminal enables your customer service reps to take ACH and Credit/Debit Cards in real-time, thus accelerating your review. In addition to one-time payments, this terminal allows you to setup recurring or custom payment plans for customers that owe large balances or want to make automatic payments.

Credit Card Terminals

Having our platform integrated with terminals provides your organization with many solutions. Whether you need to collect payments at the front desk or you need a wireless solution to accept payments in the field, we’ve got you covered. Our EVM compliant terminals enable your organization to process credit/debit cards anywhere, anytime.

Recurring/Custom Payment Plans

For those merchants that want to enable their customer to make automated or custom payments, our Advanced Terminal gives your customer service reps the ability to create, edit, and delete payment schedules. In addition, we provide your clerks with “Payment Alerts” when automated payments fail and provide them with a program that tracks which cards will be expiring in 60-days.

Hosted Web Form/Online Payment Page

For organizations that need a simple online payment page that can be pre- populated with information, including an amount, we have the solution. Our online payment page can be branded with your logo and colors, customized with your disclaimer and instructions and attached to your website or integrated with your software for a plug and play online payment solution.

Custom Dropdowns and Data Fields

Our online and virtual terminals can be customized to match your department or category needs. When your customers select a department, we can create dynamic data fields that enable your customers to enter the specific information that you are trying to capture.

Payment Wizard

Often times, customers want to pay for multiple items in one online payment. Our Payment Wizard allows customers to select items and add them to a cart. Once they have selected all items that they want to pay for, they can simply “Checkout.” The Payment Wizard will combine all of the items and process them in one lump sum while breaking out the details of the items that were paid for in our reporting section.