Multiple Payment Methods

Our payment-processing platform has the ability to process multiple types of payment methods. Merchants and integrated software providers can have the flexibility of using one or more of the following options:

  • Traditional Processing – merchants pay the credit card processing fees.
  • Convenience Fee Processing – merchants add a flat fee to the amount owed by the customer and use that amount to offset their credit card fees.
  • Service Fee Processing – This is our $0 cost processing solution. Contact us for more details.

Master Logins

Are you a merchant with multiple accounts? Need a platform that allows you to login ONCE and see all of your activity? Look no more. Our “Teller” products allow an administrator to login to a master account, view aggregate activity, and drill down into sub accounts with one click of their mouse.

Custom/Aggregate Reporting

Enterprise organizations and other merchants with multiple accounts can have their sub accounts rolled into one main, aggregate report for quick and easy reconciling.

Need a report? No worries. We can customize our reports to match any format. This is especially necessary when integrating our reports back into a management software provider. We can match their format enabling you to upload the report for automatic posting.

Terminal Integrations

All of our “Teller” products are integrated with VeriFone and Dejavoo Terminals. In addition, our system allows you to name those terminals and then view each terminal’s transactions in our reporting system.

Next Day Funding/Custom Settlement Times

Our backend technology has the flexibility to settle batches at specific times. If your office needs to close the credit card settlement file earlier than normal, we can simply configure that time in our system and you are set. By allowing earlier settlement times, we can also provide your organization with next day funding.

Easy to Integrate Solutions

In today’s world, clients want to process payments in their management software to eliminate manual posting efforts. Our APIs and Web services were designed to integrate with your software provider with the latest and greatest technology. Please see our Developers section for more information.